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Skyline Suncoast are the experts when it comes to tradeshow displays.  We understand the tradeshows are not always the easiest aspects of your day-to-day job, so we are here to answer any questions along the way.  This page is dedicated to some of the more frequent questions we receive.  For any additional concerns, use our contact form below to get help right away.

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What should I look for in a trade show display exhibit company?

Exhibiting at trade shows can be stressful and complex. You should look for a company whose main focus is in fact, “trade shows”.  If you are just starting out in exhibiting it will save you time, money and head-aches to find a partner that can either handle for you or be willing to walk you through the complexities of the trade show paperwork, shipping and installation. There are many online retailers that could sell you a cheap display but they won’t be able to assist you in your exhibit design or any emergencies you may experience along the way. And when the show opens you want to look polished and professional not stressed out and thrown together.


How do I determine our exhibit size and layout, where do I even start?

You have about 3 seconds to “stop” your potential customers in the aisle. When planning, begin with the end in mind, what is your ideal outcome for the show. Do you want to get as many leads as possible? Do you want to take orders? Do you want to set appointments beforehand and meet with potential customers in your exhibit space?  This will help you determine how much exhibit space you will need to accomplish your goals. Also look at the number of expected attendees. Focus on your objectives and your ideal target market. Then a plan can begin to come together. Using bold images and simple messages help direct the right customers into your exhibit space then your team can greet them and continue to pursue your show objectives.

The Skyline Suncoast team can guide you through the entire process from choosing the perfect trade show exhibit hardware to designing “show-stopper” graphics.


What is drayage?

Drayage is an internal fee charged by the trade show decorator (the company in charge of the show) to cover freight from the loading dock to your exhibit space. The charge is calculated by the dimensional (dim) weight (height x length x width and actual lbs.)

The Skyline Exhibits engineering design team know you hate drayage fees! Their goal is to design exhibits that are extremely durable, compact and lightweight. We have a showroom full of great options to help you avoid the dreaded drayage!


How can I lower shipping costs?

The first step is to analyze what you’re shipping and send only what you truly need. Are you sending unnecessary collateral material and premiums? Getting a lead and following up with information can be a great “excuse” to get in touch with key prospects.

Can you reduce costs by using a lightweight exhibit structure? Can you ship ground versus overnight, and ship to the pre-show warehouse? Have you considered fabric graphics or have you seen a demo of the new Windscape Exhibit that fits in a carry on? These are a few of the major things that can reduce your costs.


I have an international show coming up, can you help?

Absolutely. Skyline’s international network of offices is prepared to support your exhibiting program with local, trained and dedicated labor support staff. We can design locally and handle all your administrative, shipping and logistical needs with our Skyline Suncoast team. We will then coordinate with the international offices on your behalf.


What does the Skyline Suncoast team do?

The Skyline Suncoast team does anything and everything that has to do exhibiting. We can help you from concept to completion or you can pick and choose what services you would like us to assist you with.


What gives me the advantage by working with Skyline Suncoast?

You not only get the expertise and dedication of our team but the entire Skyline network is available to assist your team should any needs arise on the road!


Do you have spare parts available if needed?

Yes! We have a full workshop. Our service manager is available to take care of anything that can be repaired locally.


Where is the Skyline Suncoast office?

The Skyline Suncoast office is centrally located in the greater Tampa Bay area just north of Tampa International Airport. By clicking on the following address, your default map program will route you to our office.

5338 W. Crenshaw Street, Tampa, 33634


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