Exhibit Ready? Check! Now What?

Sales teams like to whisk in, do their thing and get out. But as the trade show organizer, you know that in order to get the most ROI you need them to understand the strategy. So, whether it’s their first show or tenth, it’s important to put a plan in place and communicate the goals. Remember that if a strategy worked one year, it may not the next, so be sure to revisit your plan of attack and set reasonable goals. As for the staff that will be accompanying you, there are a few things they should know:


The Marketing Strategy. It’s important that your booth staff knows exactly what is expected of them in terms of sales and marketing goals. And be sure to fully explain the “goals”. Begin with the end in mind and share with them the impact a successful trade show can have on the company. Take the time to convey to them any key messages you’d like potential clients to walk away with. Possibly as a quick reminder just before the show, send a short text with bullet points that they can refer to because as we know, everyone has their phones!


Your Products. Meet your team at your booth space prior to the show opening. Review the product or products that you are featuring. Be sure your team is aware that they will now be the face representing your company to a lot of new potential customers and their product knowledge must be spot on!


Work Plan. Have a booth staffing schedule. You don’t want too many staff in your booth at one time nor too few at another. A well thought out plan can keep things running smoothly plus give everyone a break so they are fresh to meet and greet potential customers. It also gives your team time to walk the show and learn more about the market and their competition to ultimately increase your own competitive advantage.

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